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Sodalis Planets


Sodalis is a tabletop game inspired by tarot.

Compete in teams to outsmart your opponents and claim victory. Sodalis is designed to be accessible to all experience levels with minimal components, while offering deep strategy and gameplay. 

The Kickstarter launches May 4th, 2021


Far in space, the star Sodalis hums with light.

Ten planets are held in its grasp. Each closer to Sodalis than the next, heralding warmer days and more fertile lands.

However, at the time of an eclipse, each planet involved may offer champions to compete in The Trial of Sodalis.

If these champions are victorious, they may choose to switch orbits with their opponent's planet.



Adaptive. Innovative.

Alter reality into your

team's favor.

Art by Daniel Schutt


Each champion has 6 arcana, powerful abilities unique to them.

Animist - Character.png

arcana have reversals,

letting you adapt to

every situation.

Sage - Major 1 (Balance).png
Sage - Major 1 Reversal (Balance).png
Sodalis Components Image.jpg

Download the

guide book:

Featuring over 70 original pieces of art from 10 artists.

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